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    For all GML examples, I used the fme inspire-gml-writer. For the WFS and WMS I use deegree with a blob feature store. So in the next step, I used the fme xml-templater to create GML ob...

    Tags: fme, inspire, gml, blob, deegree

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  • SLD for GeoServer: MineralOccurrences-primaryCommodity in the group Earth Science

    ...rg (SGU) An attempt at creating an INSPIRE compliant style for MR.Mine...Passmore (British Geological Survey). Using notes at to construct SLD. ...ncluded in this file or classified in INSPIRE technical guidance. In case o...

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    ...e objective of supporting the INSPIRE implementation and its use in...tes. As the implementation of INSPIRE is progressing the aspects of...e of Commission web services, using a single email address and pass...the notifications through the INSPIRE Community Forum site ‘s...