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  • Jordi ESCRIU

    INSPIRE (2008-2010) Editor of the INSPIRE Data specification for the Transport networks theme, participating in the definition of the INSPIRE Generic Network Model. (2011-2012) Editor of the INSPIRE Data specification for the Elevation theme, participating in the definition of the INSPI...

    Tags: Geospatial information, Standards, Data harmonization, Data specifications, Data Modelling, Metadata, Data quality, Network services, INSPIRE, COPERNICUS, ELF

  • codes for sea regions

    hi there, i'm emilio rubiera working in the FP7 EU project DISASTER. i hope this topic won't be considered out-of-topic (if you will forgive me the repetition) here, but i have a question regarding standard codes used to identify oceans, seas and sea regions. i'm familiar w...

    Tags: sea regions, standards

  • Tomas LINDBERG

    Skills: geodata, gis, metadata, data models, standards

  • Arvids OZOLS

    Skills: ArcGIS, QGIS, MicroStation, OGC Web services, SDI Development, Management area, standards, inspire-ken, open source, photogrammetry

  • Web Map Tile Service (WMTS) Simple Profile [13-082r1] approved by OGC TC

    The OGC Technical Committee passed the Web Map Tile Service (WMTS) Simple Profile [13-082r1] as an OGC Standard on 17 March 2015 - More information will be coming soon.

    Tags: WMTS, coverages, Elevation, Orthoimagery, standards


    Tags: quality, Transport networks, standards, Utility and Governmental Services, Addresses, data modelling, Data quality



    Skills: GML, interoperability, standards, data modelling, Data quality

  • Visualisation in Meteorology week 2015

      Dear Experts, During the week 28th Sep - 2nd Oct. ECMWF is hosting the Visualisation in Meteorology week 2015. Attached you might find interesting presentation. A large set of presentations turning around experiences and approaches during the implementation of Geospatial Standards in...

    Tags: Atmospheric conditions, Meteorological geographical features, standards, cross-cluster

  • Smart Cities – just a marketing term or a real need for OGC standards?

    Over the past year or so we have been involved in a number of activities that somehow play in the smart cities space. We’d like to examine what we have done and discuss what OGC needs to do in order to address this topic and whether a new DWG in which relating topics and working groups can ...

    Tags: cross-cluster, Buildings, standards, Utility and Governmental Services, Transport networks

  • TJS (Table Joining Service) standard revision

    Dear all, Just to let you know that OGC is in a process of revising TJS standard to support more formats (input/output) etc. etc. You may find more details about change requests from OGC Standards Tracker. Feel free to share your additional ideas/requirements. Regards, Jari REINI

    Tags: standards, OGC