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  • New video!!Wx84dv Make INSPIRE work for you! Extending INSPIRE for Energy Efficiency in Buildings example #inspire_eu



  • INSPIRE Conference 2018

    ...inspiring the usage and users of INSPIRE. Both public and private parties are invited to share their experiences with creating applications that benefit from INSPIRE. Doing it T...

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  • European Forum for Geography and Statistics 2017

    The annual EFGS conference is coming to Dub...l be held in Dublin Castlefrom November 2-3 2017 and inte...for Geography and Statistics (EFGS) is a voluntary body which...outside Europe are active in EFGS and therefore EFGS is aimin...nbsp;(GEOSTAT 2 project) EFGS CURRENT WORK PROGRAMME...

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  • test faq
    .expanded { background:red; } .collapsed { background:blue; } h4 { cursor:pointer; } $(document).ready(function($) { // collapse your accord...
  • INSPIRE Community Forum FAQ be completed will appear next.   Before adding any new publication...form. How can I manage notifications? By default, the system subscribes yo...ilitator to better classify the content, please refer to the Controlled tags &nda...
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