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  • Land Use

    This is an open sub-group for people (data providers, implementers and users) involved and interested in the INSPIRE Land Use theme  - within the INSPIRE Thematic Cluster of Land Cover and Land Use. Please use this sub-group to share resources and have discussions which are specific and focuse...

    Tags: land use, spatial planning, LU, PLU, ELU

  • INSPIRE Conference presentations relevant for the Land Cover and Land Use thematic community

    The aim of this page is to serve as a gateway to presentations on the previous INSPIRE Conferences, which are specifically related to the  INSPIRE Land Use and Land Cover themes. Navigate to sub-pages on the right, a bit further down (Navigation).

    Tags: Land cover, land use, land monitoring, LU, LC, PLU

  • Presentations on Land Use

    INSPIRE Conference 2017, Kehl & Strasbourg Generating INSPIRE PLU data on base of the German national standard XPlanung INSPIRE Conference 2016, Barcelona Development of Strategic Urban Land Use Analysis Model Deriving INSPIRE compliant land-use maps from open public sector inform...

    Tags: land use, spatial planning, LU, PLU, planned land use, existing land use, ELU

  • Organisational framework related to Planned Land Use

    Due to the great number of local and regional authorities involved in and the diversity of the planning systems in Europe, there is often several data providers involved in the implementation of the Planned Land Use (PLU) data model and PLU services. What kind of cooperation and...

    Tags: planned land use, PLU, spatial planning, planning

  • Any experiences with transforming urban/spatial planning datasets to INSPIRE?

    Dear LU experts, I copy this request to you all and encourage you to reply: "Dear colleague, I'm working in the Spanish NSDI coordination body (CNIG, National Centre for Geographical Information) and I'm also working as a teacher in the Polytechnic University of Madrid. N...

    Tags: land use, planned land use, PLU, transformation, spatial planning

  • Charalambos MATTHEOU

    I am working at Cyprus Town Planning and Housing Department as a Planning Technician. Holding an MSc in GIS and Environment I am interested in Geographical Information Science, Systems and Services, mainly within the context of analyzing pattern and behaviors of built and natural environment.

    Tags: GIS, PLU, planning, Statistical Units, cadastre

  • HILUCS question related to protected areas

    Dear PLU experts, Could some one help me with this one? What does it mean that "A supplementary regulation 'protected' is always needed"? Source: HILUCS Frequently asked questions page 186 in the TG on LU Q2: How can protected areas be cl...

    Tags: PLU, Planned Land Use, HILUCS, Protected sites

  • Would you agree on this approach for using HILUCS and HSRCL?

    Another question, which is  related to the earlier one In regional land use plans in Finalans protected areas (S), nature protected areas (SL), relic areas (SM) and built conservation areas (SR) can be represented either by a delineated area or by a point objet, depending o...

    Tags: PLU, planned land use, HILUCS, HSRCL

  • INSPIRE Land Cover and Land Use workshop Tuesday 27 September 9:00, INSPIRE Conference

    Welcome to join the INSPIRE Land Cover and Land Use workshop at the INSPIRE Conference. Come and hear about recent and ongoing activities which can support you in the implementation and use of INSPIRE datasets and services in the Land Cover and Land Use domain. The workshop takes place...

    Tags: Land cover, land use, planned land use, LC, LU, PLU, corine, CLC, ELF, validation, workshop, inspire conference 2016

  • Planned Land Use schema - typo

    Hi, I've just been asked to advise UK local authorities on how they can publish their "Brownfield Land Registers" as INSPIRE compliant data. I'm working through the theme spec (I'm used to several other themes), and find this apparent typo: At http://inspire-regadmin.j...

    Tags: PLU, xsd