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  • FME Custom Transformer ETF_Validator_GML_Files

    a little helper... INSPIRE gml-files can be validated against the etf testing framework. The results of the test runs (PASSED, PASSED_MANUAL, FAILED, UNDEFINED) are returned and can be logged.


  • Example workflow

    For all GML examples, I used the fme inspire-gml-writer. For the WFS and WMS I...feature store. So in the next step, I used the fme xml-templater to create GML o...n to a gml_objects table (blob column) with the fme postgis-writer. The princi...

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  • Simplifying INSPIRE Mapping Challenges with FME

    ...can solve common INSPIRE data challenges using FME. You will see how to easily con terra’s INSPIRE Solution Pack for FME simplifies the schema mapping...lly we will share how INSPIRE Solution Pack for FME 2.0 supports the INSPIRE anne...

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