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  • Elevation, Orthoimagery, Reference Systems and Geographical Grids Cluster

    Elevation, Orthoimagery, Reference Systems and Geographical Grids Cluster

    Welcome to Thematic Cluster Elevation, Orthoimagery, Reference systems, Geographical grids! This is an open group for people involved and interested in the use, implementation, dissemination and understanding of the Thematic Cluster, comprising the themes Elevation, Orthoimagery, Coordinate re...

    Tags: Elevation, Orthoimagery, Geographical Grids, Reference Systems

  • Elevation

    This is an open subgroup for people involved and interested in the Elevation theme, within INSPIRE Thematic Cluster Elevation, Orthoimagery, Reference systems, Geographical grids. Please use this subgroup to share resources and have discussions which are specific and focused just on the INSPIR...

    Tags: Elevation

  • Usefulness of Contour Lines transformed to EVRS from a national height reference system

    One of the core spatial objects for the theme Elevation in case of vector data is the Contour Line. The description of the morphology of surfaces, both for terrestial elevation & bathymetry, is based mainly in this spatial object. Each contour line describes the points in the surfac...

    Tags: Elevation, contour line, EVRS, height, depth, Coordinate reference systems

  • Misalignments between coverages produced by different data providers (e.g. orthoimages)

    When combining raster georeferenced data (grid coverages) from different sources - e.g. two different data providers - using the same coordinate reference system, limits of corresponding pixels (coverage grid cells) may not match in x, y coordinates, i.e. maybe they are not properly ali...

    Tags: Orthoimagery, Geographical grids, interoperability, Elevation, cross-border, cross-cluster

  • Best practices [EL, OI, RS, GG]

    PNOT Project (PNOA, PNT, SIOSE)

    Tags: Elevation, Orthoimagery, best practices

  • PNOT Project (PNOA, PNT, SIOSE)

    PNOT Project Title: Plan Nacional de Observación del Territorio (PNOT) [Territory Observation National Plan] Owner: Instituto Geográfico Nacional (IGN-E) & Regional Mapping Agencies (Spain). Geographical scope: National / Regional. Abstract: Spanish coll...

    Tags: Orthoimagery, Elevation, orthophoto, digital elevation model, pnoa project, collaborative, data sharing, cost sharing, funding, data production, Land cover, pnot project, siose project, pnt project

  • EuroDEM

    EuroDEM Title (Product name): EuroDEM v1.0 Owner: EuroGeographics (European Association of National Mapping, Cadastre and Land Registry Authorities). Geographical scope: European (National contributions). Abstract: Pan-European digital height data set harmonised from official natio...

    Tags: Elevation, digital elevation model, eurogeographics, collaborative, data sharing, interoperability, eurodem

  • Pan-European products [EL]

    EuroDEM EU-DEM

    Tags: existing products, Elevation, interoperability

  • European Location Framework (ELF)

    European Location Framework (ELF) Title (Project name): European Location Framework (ELF) Owner: EuroGeographics (European Association of National Mapping, Cadastre and Land Registry Authorities). Geographical scope: European. Abstract: Project aimed to provide a technical infrastr...

    Tags: Administrative units, hydrography, Transport networks, Geographical names, Cadastral parcels, Addresses, Elevation, buildings, Land cover, land use, Orthoimagery, eurogeographics, collaborative, interoperability, transformation, services, project, ELF, European Location Framework

  • EuroDEM and the ELF Project

    EuroGeographics created a pan-European DEM - namely EuroDEM - from the contributions of National Mapping Agencies. The production of EuroDEM involved an important effort to harmonize the national digital elevation models from EuroGeographics members, wit...

    Tags: Elevation, interoperability, eurodem, services, ELF, European Location Framework