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  • International Workshop on Spatial Data and Map Quality - Valletta, Malta 20th - 21st January 2015

    Dates 20th to 21st January 2015   Venue Old University Building, Valletta, Malta   Deadline for registration 15th December 2014   Description Two-day international workshop especially aimed at professionals actively involved in spatial data and map quality issues. The ob...

    Tags: Data quality, Metadata, ELF, Harmonization. tag_names:universal_categories: Data Quality, S/W tools

  • Issues found to be common between the 5 themes or sub-groups of the Earth Science Cluster

    Issues found to be common between the 5 themes or sub-groups of the Earth Science Cluster

    tag_names:universal_categories: Thematic use case, Data model/scope, Common terminology, Encoding, Data Quality, Evolution - Thematic extensions, Portrayal, EU Thematic Databases, S/W tools, Member State issues, Platform utilisation , Political/organisatorial framework, Codelists, Best Practice

  • European Location Framework (ELF)

    European Location Framework (ELF) Title (Project name): European Location Framework (ELF) Owner: EuroGeographics (European Association of National Mapping, Cadastre and Land Registry Authorities). Geographical scope: European. Abstract: Project aimed to provide a technical infrastr...

    tag_names:universal_categories: Data Quality, EU Thematic Databases, S/W tools, Member State issues, Political/organisatorial framework

  • Resolution needed for a pan-European DEM

    At the moment we have at least two pan-European, harmonized Digital Elevation Models (DEM) to cover the existing needs of the European public and private sectors: The EuroGeographics EuroDEM - DEM made from the contributions of National Mapping Agencies which participate as memebers of...

    tag_names:universal_categories: Thematic use case, Data Quality, EU Thematic Databases, Member State issues

  • Jordi ESCRIU

    INSPIRE (2008-2010) Editor of the INSPIRE Data specification for the Transport networks theme, participating in the definition of the INSPIRE Generic Network Model. (2011-2012) Editor of the INSPIRE Data specification for the Elevation theme, participating in the definition of the INSPI...

    Tags: Geospatial information, Standards, Data harmonization, Data specifications, Data Modelling, Metadata, Data quality, Network services, INSPIRE, COPERNICUS, ELF

  • First WFS 2.0 compliant service: Romanian Protected Sites

    Because almost no compliant implementation exist yet, we thought that is relevant to share the information about the first INSPIRE WFS 2.0 compliant service based on harmonised data. In order to understand what we need to deliver, we spent a lot of time to identify one valid WFS implementati...

    tag_names:universal_categories: Data quality, Best Practice, Data used for e-reporting, Recommended Implementation Examples

  • Transformation of gridded reporting data from national grids to the INSPIRE Equal Area Grid

    The INSPIRE 'Equal Area Grid' is mainly intended for spatial analysis or reporting purposes (e.g. statistical information) - not for communities where the grids have to be optimized for data exchange, supercomputer processing and high volume archiving of new data each day. Existin...

    tag_names:universal_categories: Data quality, Member State issues

  • Copernicus RDA EU-DEM EGCS naming

    Happy New Year everyone! I have been using the Copernicus EU-DEM product a few months now but only realised recently (when I wanted to automate some processing) that the European Grid Coordinate System (EGCS) naming used for the EU-DEM tiles is not INSPIRE compliant. Can somebody confirm this?...

    tag_names:universal_categories: Common terminology, Encoding, Data quality, EU Thematic databases, Best Practice, Interoperability, Data used for e-reporting

  • data quality encoding

    Hi, I would like to add the data quality elements (completeness, positional accuracy, etc.)  in my data. To me it should be integrated into the metadata part. For the metadata encoding,  I used the metadata editor present on the Inspire website, but it does not allow to enc...

    tag_names:universal_categories: Encoding, Data quality, Best Practice

  • Usability of the 'Zoned Geographic Grid' (Grid_ETRS89-GRS80)

    Use the present discussion topic to clarify aspects related to the use and application of the INSPIRE 'Zoned Geographic Grid' (Grid_ETRS89-GRS80). Definition and properties The 'Zoned Geographic Grid' is defined in Section 2.2.2 of Annex II of the Implementing Rule as r...

    tag_names:universal_categories: Data quality, Interoperability, Data provision