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  • The Corine Land Cover code list (CorineValue) maintained by EEA

    Dear all, In the process of transforming Corine Land Cover data according to the Land Cover Core Vector data model, we decided to use the Corine Land Cover code list (CorineValue) governed by EEA:

    Tags: land cover, code lists, corine, CLC

  • Sharing experiences from data transformations within the Land Cover theme

    Dear all, SYKE is in the process of making data transformations and testing software  for making the Finnish Corine Land Cover (MMU 25 hectares) datasets compliant with the vector data model of the LC data specification. At the moment, we are using FME and a beta versi...

    Tags: land cover, vector, ArcGIS, corine, CLC

  • Codelist for Corine Land Cover (CLC) published

    Dear colleagues,   I am pleased to inform you that we have now published the CLC nomenclature codelist in a referencable format.  Please have a look at the EEA Data Dictionary and don't hesitate to contact in case ...

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  • Barbara KOSZTRA

    land monitoring specialist affiliated at Government Office of the Capital City Budapest,  Department of Geodesy, Remote Sensing and Land Offices (formerly: Hungarian Institute of Geodesy, Cartography and Remote Sensing -FÖMI); member of EAGLE group; member of EEA/ETC CLC Technical Team (CLC...

    Tags: Land cover, land use, CLC, EAGLE, remote sensing, land monitoring, Copernicus

  • Nordic cooperation related to the Corine Land Cover production

    Presentation of the the Nordic CLC cooperations and actions taken in Finland, presented at the Nordic webinar on the INSPIRE theme Land Cover 9/2015

    Tags: corine, Land cover, CLC

  • The EAGLE projects

    Short presentation of the EAGLE projects presented at the Nordic webinar on the INSPIRE theme Land Cover 9/2015

    Tags: Land cover, land use, EAGLE, Copernicus, CLC, Urban Atlas, Corine, UA

  • Exclude references to the old CorineValue code list [LC]

    Proposal: exclude the references to the old non-machine readable CorineValue code list. Consider to include references to the new CLC code list. Description: A new machine-readable code list for the Corine Land Cover classes has been published by EEA. The Technical Guidelines on Land Cover ref...

    Tags: corine, CLC, Land cover

  • Transformation rules for Corine Land Cover and Urban Atlas are now publicly available

    The results of the EEA-funded project 'Tranformation rules for Corine Land Cover and Urban Atlas according to the INSPIRE Land Cover theme' can be found here The results include a project report, separate Matching tables for CLC and UA, example GMLs for CLC and UA and a common validati...

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  • INSPIRE Land Cover and Land Use workshop Tuesday 27 September 9:00, INSPIRE Conference

    Welcome to join the INSPIRE Land Cover and Land Use workshop at the INSPIRE Conference. Come and hear about recent and ongoing activities which can support you in the implementation and use of INSPIRE datasets and services in the Land Cover and Land Use domain. The workshop takes place...

    Tags: Land cover, land use, planned land use, LC, LU, PLU, corine, CLC, ELF, validation, workshop, inspire conference 2016

  • Material of the LCLU workshops on 15-16 November are available

    Dear all, Just to notify you that the links to the material (presentations, minutes, list of registered participants etc.) of the 'Land use/land cover products: challenges and opportunities workshop' held on 15 November in Brussles are available here The material Copernicus Land Mon...

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