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Mirosław MIGACZ

Brief description: Chief GIS Specialist @ Central Statistical Office of Poland
Twitter username: @mireslav

About me

GIS administrator | spatial database designer | INSPIRE implementation supervisor | geodata processing expert


EU activities:

  • (2013-2014) Involved in the Eurostat “Merging statistics and geospatial information in Member States project” – designing automated aggregation of population data to grids.
  • (2010-2014) Involved in Farm Structure Survey 2010 and 2013 – calculation of farm coordinates in kilometre grids.
  • (2010-2012) Expert in the INSPIRE Thematic Working Group for development of data specifications for Statistical Units and Population Distribution (demography).
  • (2009-present) Involved in various stages of the GEOSTAT project – development of methodologies for calculation and presentation of population data on grids.

In Central Statistical Office of Poland:

  • (December 2013) Recipient of the Honorary Award of Merit for Polish Official Statistics.
  • (July 2013) Recipient of the Esri Special Achievement in GIS Award as a member of the team responsible for building GIS in Polish official statistics.
  • (2011-present) Responsible for development and administration of the Geostatistics Portal (GEO.STAT.GOV.PL) – a platform for spatial visualization of statistical data.
  • (2009-2011) Central supervisor of both trial and both nationwide censuses – developed guidelines for use of spatial data in censuses, tested census applications, managed the census project on the central level.
  • (2008-2010) Responsible for creation of spatial address databases for purposes of building a georeferenced survey frame for both nationwide censuses. Prepared and carried out a pilot project for address point acquisition for 4 municipalities. Based on the results guidelines and manuals for nationwide address point collection were prepared.
  • (2008-present) GIS specialist in the Programming and Coordination of Statistical Surveys Department.


  • (2008) Land surveyor in various engineering projects in Tripoli, Libya.
  • (2006-2007) Involved in various Polish and international GIS-related projects, such as: VMap Level 3, Multinational Geospatial Co-production Program, Topographic Data Base

Group membership

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  • Statistics & Health

    Statistics & Health

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