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Results from the WS on Transformation of Coverage-Based Data Themes and WCS and related Follow-up Webinar


This page provides the links to the discussion document & summary presentation describing the main issues and questions from implementers of coverage data, analysed and discussed during the INSPIRE KEN / Thematic Clusters Workshop on Transformation of Coverage-Based Data Themes and WCS and the subsequent Follow-up Webinar on Coverage Data and Services.

The results were explained during the 29th INSPIRE MIG-T in Ispra (19-20 April 2016) and are proposed to orientate the structure and content of Deliverable "Technical Guidelines for providing INSPIRE coverage data using WCS" in Task 2 of MIG-T MIWP-7b on WCS.

Issues implementing INSPIRE coverages

Discussion document:

Issues implementing INSPIRE Coverages

Summary presentation:

Issues implementing INSPIRE coverages



Elevation, Ortho & Grids

Elevation, Ortho & Grids

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