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European Geological Data Infrastructure (EGDI) Version 1.0 release

Data worth hundreds of millions of Euros has been made available through a first version of the European Geological Data Infrastructure (EGDI). This will enable users to access information and data in INSPIRE compliant formats about geology and earth resources across Europe. The EGDI was launched on the 14th of June 2016 at the European Geological Surveys (EGS) Secretariat in Brussels.

For more information please see the EuroGeoSurveys post here.

Visit the EGDI at



The European Geological Data Infrastructure (EGDI) was a scoping project based on the successes of earlier joint projects including ‘OneGeology-Europe’ and aimed to provide the backbone for serving interoperable, geological data currently held by NGSO’s (National Geological Survey Organisations). Data from past, ongoing and future European projects were incorporated into the scope. The scoping study ran for a period of 24 months.



The OneGeology Europe project has made geological spatial data held by the Geological Surveys of Europe more easily discoverable, accessible and shareable. It made a significant contribution to the progress of INSPIRE in its infancy– i.e. develop systems and protocols to better enable the discovery, viewing, downloading and sharing of core European spatial geological data.






  • James PASSMORE


    The OneGeology initiative continues to make geological spatial data held by the Geological Surveys of Europe (and globally) more easily discoverable, accessible, and shareable.  The aim is to open the portal to all organizations that wish to share geological data (not just geological survey organizations).  OneGeology continues where the OneGeology Europe project finished, providing cookbooks that show how to use and deploy the latest version of GeoSciML and GeoSciML-portrayal, using the latest INSPIRE code lists.