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Cookbooks that can be used for the conversion of OneGeology-Europe web services to INSPIRE web services



  • Petr ČOUPEK

    The Chapter How To serve a GeoSciML 4.0 / INSPIRE compliant web services using ESRI technologies is necessary. The ArcGIS server (TM)(10.x)  technology is widely used for data publication amongs many OneGeology-Europe providers in the present OneGeology-Europe solution. Is  there any replacement for the EXOWS mediator?

    Other technical questions aren't still satisfactory answered: national translations for URN (URL??) terms, portrayal issues (style patterns depend codebook values),correct dynamic SLD support etc.

    I cannot imagine to upgrade the services without clear and unified concept what to do. If everyone do it yourself, we will have tens of poor compatible solutions.

    It is only a draft, isn't it?

  • Tim Duffy

    Petr  - yes indeed this is all the first proposed versions of all these cookbooks and I am sorry the important 'read first' introductory text 1). How to use an existing OneGeology-Europe dataset to setup INSPIRE and OneGeology conformant WMS' and WFS'. was not published when you tried to read the other two documents above - there was a delay in getting the new exemplar services available from the OneGeology portal now sorted.

    This introductory text answers many of your questions and yes we are working to try and get OGC GeoSciML 4 support from both opensource software and ArcGIS for INSPIRE software which should cover most European and world-wide OneGeology data providers. 

    Kind regards



  • James PASSMORE


    Is there any replacement for the EXOWS mediator?

    There are no plans to develop a replacement 1GEconnector/EXOWS mediator that could handle a GeoSciML 4 complex feature WFS.

    national translations for URN (URL??) terms

    So far we have provided Excel Spreadsheets that map the originally used (in the OneGeology-Europe services) URNs to both their current CGI and INSPIRE HTTP-URI's.  My understanding is that these terms are meant to be language neutral.

    Do you mean that there are currently no translations for the descriptions of these terms in the INSPIRE registry?

    > correct dynamic SLD support etc.

    It is possible to send external SLD requests (generated dynamically such as can be generated in the OneGeology portal client) to ArcGIS, MapServer, and GeoServer services that are attributed using GeoScIML-Portrayal values, such that these services return images with the required styling.  These services do not need to show the INSPIRE styles by default.  It may be possible with other services, but we haven't yet tested this yet.













  • Marcus SEN

    It has been pointed out to us that vocabulary mapping spreadsheets for eventProcess, eventEnvironment and geologicUnitPartRole were referred to in the above "How to use…" document but were missing from the the page We have now added links to spreadsheets for eventProcess and eventEnvironment to this page. These are only needed for GeoSciML v4 WFS not GeoSciML Portrayal WMS but we don't have a more suitable place to put the links. We haven't created a spreadsheet for geologicUnitPartRole. Except for complex rocks, OneGeology Europe only allowed one of two values: urn:cgi:classifier:CGI:GeologicUnitPartRole:200811:only_part or urn:cgi:classifier:CGI:GeologicUnitPartRole:200811:unspecified_part_role. These should be mapped to the INSPIRE URI values and respectively. If you used any other values for complex rocks in OneGeology Europe, you will have to decide yourself which of the values in the INSPIRE vocabulary at is most suitable.

  • Marcus SEN

    The GeoSciML 4.0 Encoding cookbook has been updated from v1.2 to v1.2.1 on 18th April 2016. The only change is to drop the OneGeology restriction on having only one GeologicEvent per GeologicUnit but to explain how this makes the interpretation of age queries in the OneGeology portal clearer.

  • Tim Duffy

    The document

    1). How to use an existing OneGeology-Europe dataset to setup INSPIRE and OneGeology conformant WMS' and WFS'

    Has been updated on 23rd May 2016 to point to a second draft with some clarifications based on experience so far in use of this document. 

  • Marcus SEN

    The document

    3). How To Serve a GeoSciML Version 4.0 Web Feature Service (WFS) Using GeoServer

    was updated on 18th August 2016 to point to v1.3 which covers supplying faults as ShearDisplacementStructure features.

  • Marcus SEN

    The documents:

    2). GeoSciML 4.1 Encoding Cookbook for OneGeology and INSPIRE and

    3). How To Serve a GeoSciML Version 4.1 Web Feature Service (WFS) Using GeoServer

    were updated on 7th September 2017 to point to newer versions which use GeoSciML v4.1. The models for GeoSciML v4.0 and v4.1 are essentially the same but v4.1 has been published as an Open Geospatial Consortium standard and so has different namespaces.