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  • training platform, on-line courses, webinars about INSPIRE

    Started by Aurete PEREIRA in the group Earth Science Replies (3) Last reply by Rob van Ede
    Hello everyone Does anyone aware of training platform, on-line courses, webinars about INSPIRE? I know the LINKVIT platform available from the link Are there others?  Please share the...
  • By Tilman BROCK-HESSE

    Dear colleagues,

    Thank you for all your examples and tools!

    We at LBEG (State Authority for Mining, Energy and Geology, Lower Saxony, Germany) have compiled numerous change requests to codelists (mostly hierarchy) and will present them here starting following monday.

    Best regards,


  • By Katharina SCHLEIDT

    Hi all,

    I've gone through the various coverage models available in gml, my current conclusion is that the GeneralGridCoverage as defined in CIS 1.1 would serve our purposed nicely. Have yet to try Sylvain's GeologyLogCoverage example, but do have a first shot at a simple marine ProfileObservation utilizing GeneralGridCoverage - thoughts?



    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <omso:ProfileObservation gml:id="PO_1619169_NTKGAATX" xmlns:om="" xmlns:xlink="" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:gml="" xmlns:sams="" xmlns:gmlcov="" xmlns:sf="" xmlns:swe="" xmlns:omso="" xsi:schemaLocation="
        <!--<omso:PointTimeSeriesObservation gml:id="o_1">-->
        <gml:description xlink:href="">
            <!-- Description  -->
            A single series of CTD or STD cast data collected on 17.06.2006
        <gml:name>TS profile 527 Cruise 2006209</gml:name>
        <!-- Name -->
        <om:type xlink:href=""/>
        <om:metadata xlink:href=""/>
        <!-- Type -->
            <!-- Phenomenon Time -->
            <gml:TimePeriod gml:id="PT_1619169_NTKGAATX">
            <gml:TimeInstant gml:id="RT_1619169_NTKGAATX">
        <!-- link to the procedure. Still looking to see where this can be taken from in SDN -->
        <om:procedure xlink:href=""/>
        <!-- Definition of the Observed Property -->
        <om:observedProperty xlink:href=""/>
            <!-- Foi -->
            <sams:SF_SpatialSamplingFeature gml:id="FOI_1619169_NTKGAATX">
                <sf:type xlink:href=""/>
    <!--            <sf:sampledFeature xlink:href="" xlink:title="OpenOcean"/> -->
                <sf:sampledFeature xlink:href=""/>
                    <!-- Note: srs is missing from CDI file, gmd:referenceSystemInfo is empty, assuming 4326 -->
                    <gml:Point gml:id="SF_1619169_NTKGAATX" srsName="">
                        <gml:pos>19.8829 70.9942</gml:pos>
            <!-- Result -->
            <gmlcov:GeneralGridCoverage gml:id="GGC_1619169_NTKGAATX">
                <!-- Note: I can't find a srs for depth,  -->
                <!-- should correspond to the following WKT: CS[vertical,1],AXIS["depth (D)",down,LENGTHUNIT[“metre”,1.0]]  -->
                <!-- Currently improvising with -->
                    <gmlcov:GeneralGrid srsName="" axisLabels="d">
                        <gmlcov:DisplacementAxisNest axisLabels="d" uomLabels="m">
                        <gmlcov:GridLimits srsName="" axisLabels="d">
                            <gmlcov:IndexAxis axisLabel="d" lowerBound="15" upperBound="4551"/>                                
                        <swe:field name="NTKGAATX">
                            <swe:Quantity definition="">
                                <swe:uom code="umol/kg"/>

    O&M ProfileObservation with GeneralGridCoverage from CIS1.1

  • Codelists missing: GeophProcessParameterNameValue, GeophPropertyNameValue

    Started by Jens Richter in the group Earth Science Replies (1) Last reply by László SŐRÉS
    Two codelists necessary for the implementation of the Geophysics part and mentioned in the DS do _not_ exist at the given URL's: GeophProcessParameterNameValue -...
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    Environmental Monitoring & Observations

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  • Statistical units implementation examples

    Started by Mirosław MIGACZ in the group Statistics & Health Replies (3) Last reply by Francisco CALDEIRA
    What kinds of statistical unit datasets does your organization publish as INSPIRE services? Are there datasets/services for: - units defined on european level (NUTS)? - units below LAU2 level? - statistical grids? - other reporting...
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    Land Cover & Use

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  • Uptake of Sensor Web and Coverage Services in INSPIRE

    Started by Katharina SCHLEIDT in the group Environmental Monitoring & Observations
    Hi all, after many years of uncertainty and hope pertaining to the uptake of more data heavy models and services (Sensor Web stuff together with Coverage Services) within INSPIRE we have finally gained surety; the Technical Guidance documents for...
  • GML Example Address (ad)

    GML Example Address (ad)

    By Enrico Iredi
    gml file now ETF valid

    Totally agree Jordi. Anyway, a clear rules to transform national data to EVRF2000 should be written somewhere.

    Contour regeneration would not be a problem as far as can be obtained from DTM but the collateral efects are still not known. In the Spanish case, an offset of 49cm must be applied to have EVRS ellevations.

    Then, yes. The richness of true 3D vector data of national agencies is lost in order to be consistent with elevation models and that models could have two different transformations: a) the rigorous tilted plane as published in or b) a simple elevation offset in case the differences along the country were neglectables