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Facilities & Utilities, Public Services

INSPIRE themes involved: 
For more information on the INSPIRE themes included in this cluster please use the dedicated areas listed below. Here you will find detailed information including INSPIRE theme description, technical guidelines, data models, data schemas, geoportal data, and implementations.

INSPIRE Geoportal Data Sets
Agricultural and aquaculture facilities Geoportal Data
Production and industrial facilities Geoportal Data
Utility and governmental services Geoportal Data
Facilities & Utilities, Public Services

Owner: Angel LOPEZ ALOS

Group members: 158


This is an open group for people involved and interested in the Thematic Cluster 5 community (producers, implementers and users).

Please, use this group to share resources and have discussions which are common to more than one INSPIRE theme within the cluster (Production and Industrial Facilities, Agriculture and Aquaculture Facilities, Utilities and Governmental Services).


Access to Cluster.5 content:

To participate on this Cluster you need to be registered in ECAS platform.


Brief description: Cluster.5 covers a broad set of facilities, installations, networks and constructions supporting economic activities and public services.
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