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Welcome to the INSPIRE Theme Soil.

This should be your destination if you are looking for further guidance and examples about implementing the data specification.

Over the next few months more resources will be added, linking to examples of projects and activities that have implemented all or part of the model.

Feel free to add to discussions or open new discussions about aspects of the SO theme. If you have more general questions or comments about INSPIRE please address them to the relevant discussion theme.

Logging on will allow you to add topics and queries to the discussion lists. To logon you need an ECAS logon which you may have received already when involved with INSPIRE previously. If not, the system will prompt you to register for one, it is a painless and quick process, anybody can apply for one and the password is received quickly. A direct link to the ECAS user ID registration process is

For those which are related to more than one INSPIRE theme within the Thematic Cluster, please use the Main cluster group created for such purpose.

Einar Eberhardt (German Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources). I was also member of the Thematic Working Group Soil for development of the Data Specification Soil.

Brief description: Join this sub-group to share your knowledge, learn and collaborate with INSPIRE for Soil

Definition and description

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INSPIRE recommended codelists for each data specification TG published for final checking

The INSPIRE codelist register at

has been published on 20/05/2015 containing the full TG recommended codelists for (WWW resolvable URI) values to be used in data content conformant web services and GML e.g. the Geology Lithology list has expanded from the 20+ legally mandatory values to the 226 values that the Geology Data Specification team recommended for actual practical use. For the theme Soil, only some parameters and parent codes are in it, so that extension of the parameter lists needs to be done using other registries (see existing discussion threads). ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Dear colleagues,

Yesterday (18/12/2014) JRC published a new release candidate of the INSPIRE Registry software with the long expected publication of complete code lists and code list values for INSPIRE in additional formats like RDF, CSV and ISO 19135 based XML.

The release candidate of the INSPIRE registry service is available for testing until 23 January 2015. Please use this opportunity.

Release candidate service link: or

More information and instructions for testing of the 5th release for the INSPIRE registers is available here


There, you will find also a nice data management component, for submitting new proposals, translations and improvements, as new software development (

By the way the whole software package, called Re3gistry is an open source tool and could be installed and run for own purposes to set up registers.

To participate on the testing you have to be registered, for more details or needed support do not hesitate to contact us.

Best wishes and a relaxing break

Chris Schubert



Scientific / Technical Project Officer

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