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Production and Industrial Facilities

Production and Industrial FacilitiesSub-Group

Owner: Angel LOPEZ ALOS

Group members: 19




This is an open group for people involved and interested in the INSPIRE Theme Production and Industrial Facilities – Annex III.PF.8 (producers, implementers and users).


Please use this group to share resources and have discussions related with the scope of the theme Production and Industrial Facilities (PF).

The main objectives of this group are:

  • Support the implementation of INSPIRE as regards PF in the Member States, by sharing knowledge between them and learning from each other.
  • Discuss about implementation issues in the scope of PF with the view of agreeing consensual solutions to be proposed in the upcoming process of maintenance of the related INSPIRE technical guidelines.
  • Show and spread the mutual benefits gained through implementing INSPIRE in the scope of PF.
  • Spread the word about projects, conferences and initiatives related with PF, Geospatial Science and Data Interoperability.
Brief description: This group covers Facilities supporting Production and Industrial Activities

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