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Welcome to the Statistical Units [SU] subgroup!

The group has been created to support implementation of the INSPIRE Statistical Units [SU] data theme. This is the place to share knowledge, participate in discussions and ask questions related to this theme.

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Brief description: Join this group if you would like to share knowledge or ask questions regarding the INSPIRE implementation of Statistical Units [SU] data theme.
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  • Bresters PIETER added a new discussion topic missing a Statistical Unit type in the datamodel
    Recently Statistics Netherlands has published a INSPIRE harmonised Statistical Units WMS and WFS: They can be reached via:
  • Statistics Netherlands has recently performed a proof of concept for a Table Joining Service (TJS) together with the Dutch Kadaster, Geonovum and the Dutch hosting organisation for INSPIRE services PDOK. This was done with the help of a Eurostat...
  • Katharina SCHLEIDT added a new discussion topic Country Code in SU
    Hi all, was just working on implementing VectorStatisticalUnit, ran into a bit of confusion pertaining to the country element. In the UML its defined as CountryCode, in the XSD this comes out as an old-style codelist entry like I'm used to...
  • Fabio VINCI uploaded the file Statistical Unit Vector example gml
    An example of a GML file compliant with the SU application schema. The dataset contains the ISTAT census tract for some municipalities of the Ligurian Region.
  • Elias WOLF joined the group Statistical Units [SU]
  • This is an example of a GML file compliant with the SU Technical Guidelines. The dataset contains a part of statistical grid from the area of Poland. Grid resolution: 1km x 1km Coordinate reference system: ETRS89-LAEA To allow usage of the...
      Vilni Verner Holst BLOCH

      I am just wondering about the choice of section size, 60 by 100 km. Any particular reason for this? Thought it might be easier with 100 by 100 when programming.

      Mirosław MIGACZ

      We wanted to determine sectors feasible for both SU and PD (PD GML example will be uploaded today). We have done some testing and I believe the 100 x 100 km sector size was too large for the GML files to be processed efficiently. That's why we reduced one of the dimensions.

  • This is an example of a GML file compliant with the SU Technical Guidelines. The dataset contains statistical units from the Polish Nomenclature of Territorial units for Statistics (NTS) level one. NTS description: NTS comprises 5...
      Fabio VINCI

      Dear Francisco,

      you can try our (Epsilon Italia) Validation Service, developed in the frame of eENVplus project!



      Mirosław MIGACZ

      Dear Francisco,

      We decided to publish NUTS ourselves as a part of Polish NTS nomenclature, because we publish yearly population datasets that are related to NTS via the NTS identifier. This brings me to the answer to another question: why "1.3"? NTS provides a nomenclature for identifiers which is different than NUTS and comprises also LAU1 and LAU2. The first digit is the level:

      1 - NTS1 (= NUTS1),
      2 - NTS2 (= NUTS2),
      3 - NTS3 (= NUTS3),
      4 - NTS4 (= LAU1),
      5 - NTS5 (= LAU2).

      So, hence the "1".

      The following digits are identifiers of following NTS levels. So "1.3" means region number 3.

      A full breakdown nicely put together by our Polish wikipedia:

      1.3 – region wschodni PL3 – Region Wschodni
      2.3.18 – województwo podkarpackie 18 – województwo podkarpackie PL32 – Podkarpackie – podregion przemyski PL324 – Przemyski – powiat lubaczowski 1809 – powiat lubaczowski – gmina Horyniec-Zdrój 1809032 – gmina Horyniec-Zdrój

      As to validations, I'm not sure yet. We outsourced the GML creation but a tool for us is developed to allowed automated GML creation using GeoServer. The tool is still under configuration, so I'm not familiar with all the details.



      Francisco CALDEIRA

      Dear Miroslaw and Fabio,

      Thanks both of you for the reply.

      For validation,  I tested  eENVplus project, for small gml files works fine, for big gml files web enviroment doesn't work that well.

      I used the validation tool of Hale as well with good results.

      For those big files I used Oxygen XML Edifor, wich enabled me to validate againts the schematron.