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Earth Science Cluster

Earth Science Cluster

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Welcome to the INSPIRE Earth Science thematic cluster

This is an open group for people involved and interested in the Earth Science Thematic Cluster. Please use this group to share resources and have discussions which are common to more than one INSPIRE theme within the cluster (Energy Resources, Mineral Resources, Soil, Natural Risk Zones and Geology). For discussions which are specific and focused just on one of these themes, please use the separate sub-group:


Each sub-group has a Eurogeosurveys facilitator and discussion list watchers to help answer queries and raise them - from people who are actually implementing the data specifications - which should include you!

To join please logon using an ECAS account ( and then click the 'Join Group' button on the top right of the page.

Joining the Earth Science thematic cluster will enable you to add topics and queries to the discussion lists and share your experiences on the implementation and development of Inspire.

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Brief description: Join this group to share your knowledge, learn and collaborate with INSPIRE Earth Science Cluster for Geology, Soils, Natural Risk Zones, Mineral resources, and Energy resources
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