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Example Elevation grid coverages - single coverage (tested) - FINAL




    Hi Jordi,

    Can I forward the example to our software manufacturer so they can test it in their applications?

    Kind regards,

    Marc Roesbeke

  • Jordi ESCRIU

    Hi Marc,

    Yes, of course. Please, do it!

    And report any problems related to this example.

    Thanks for this.


  • Iurie MAXIM


    Is this the final example referred in the TG Corrigendum for EL: ?

    Is this element <gml:Envelope srsName="EPSG:4258" srsDimension="2"> correct according to INSPIRE TG for Coordinate reference that is mentioning the EPSG:4258 and not WFS84 as in the example ?

    It is possible not to declare the <axisLabels> element in the <gml:Envelope> element?

    Is it ok in INSPIRE to provide the gml:Envelope in one CRS and the domainSet of the RectifiedGrid in another CRS ?

    Is this element <gml:RectifiedGrid dimension="2" srsName="" correct according to INSPIRE TG for Coordinate reference that is listing the EPSG:3043 (N,E) instead of EPSG:25831 used in the example (E.N) ?

    Is there any possibility to provide a valid example for data in EPSG 3035 (Y X) or in any other INSPIRE 2D projection (uom meter) ?

    Sorry for any inconvenience, but while trying to implement Elevation Data Theme, we faced a lot of issues, questions are raised quickly and examples that were provided few years ago does not seem to be really fine.


  • Jordi ESCRIU

    Dear Iurie,

    The natural entrance to the TG Corrgendum proposed for EL is the following page:

    So I think it is better if you provide your comments in the page above.

    This example is referred from the mentioned page, so it is the final one.

    NOTE that the examples may not be 100% perfect, since they were proposed at the beginning of the implementation experiences.

    As illustration (as you mention) the CRS declared in the example is EPSG:25831 - i.e. not INSPIRE compliant.

    This is because the CRS transformation was not done at this stage of the experience. You can easily edit the srsName property to declare an INSPIRE compliant CRS.