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An example of harmonizing a dataset to the INSPIRE data model

GEUS, the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland has to deliver harmonized WMS- and WFS services for several geological maps.

INSPIRE has decided which geological attributes to describe for a geological map. Each attribute must be described by a term chosen from a set of INSPIRE description terms (codelists). This can result in a large amount of work for the academically responsible geologists, who needs to translate national data-descriptions into INSPIRE codelists.

This presentation shows how an interactive visualization of codelists gave the academically responsible an overview, making it easier to choose the right terms for a INSPIRE harmoniziation of data.        

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Marianne B. Wiese (GEUS - Denmark)

    • Marianne WIESE
      Marianne WIESE

      I was asked which software was used for the interactive tree view shown in this presentation.

      I therefore have added a working example here, just as an illustration. Working Tree View Example