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e-reporting Bio-geographical regions

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e-reporting Bio-geographical regions

Started by Iurie MAXIM

Can somebody explain why there are so many values in the PriorityDataset Codelist for bio-geographical regions and when to use each of these five values:

1. National bio-geographical regions

with the children:

        1.1. National bio-geographical regions Birds Directive

        1.2 National bio-geographical regions  Habitats Directive

2.1. Pan-european bio-geographical regions Birds Directive

2.2. Pan-european bio-geographical regions Habitats Directive

It is first time when i see bio-geographical regions mentioned in relation with Birds Directive and I do not know why this was added, as the Birds Directive is not mentioning any bio-geographical regions and no assessment of birds are made at the bio-geographical region level. Is this a mistake ? Migratory routes are used for birds, not the bio-geographical-regions.

When to use the PARENT National bio-geographical regions or it should not be used ?

Is there any Member State or data provider that has different national bio-geographical regions (i.e. one for Habitats Directive and another for Birds Directive) or is any member State or data provider that has national bio-geographical regions for Birds Directive ?

Pan-european bio-geographical regions are intended to be provided by EEA/EC or by MS ?

At least in Romania we have only one dataset that contains the bio-geographical regions at the national level (not Pan-european) that are used for both SCI/SAC/Natura 2000 and Article 17 of the Habitats Directive reporting obligations.

Bio-geographical regions are mentioned in articles 1 (c) (iii), 1 (k), 4.2 and Annex III 2 (e) of the Habitats Directive and no mentions are found in the Birds Directive.

Iurie Maxim


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