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First steps in Species Distribution Harmonization

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First steps in Species Distribution Harmonization

Started by Paulo MIRANDA Replies (3)

Dear all,
I'm new in the harmonization process and i'm trying to do it in species distribution datasets.
1 - The first question that i have is related to distinguish between species distribution dataset and species distribution unit. As i could understand i may assume both like this example:
SD dataset - "article_17_habitat_Directive_report";
SD unit - each species distribution layer inside the SD dataset, each unit will have only one species distribution inside.
In this sense if i have, for other purposes, only one species distribution in one dataset it could be like this:
SD dataset - "Canis_lupus_distribution";
SD unit - only one specie distribution related to Canis lupus.
Am I correct in this assumption?
2 - The second question is related to the "referenceSpeciesId". The specifications states that this value must be firstly from the eu-nomen list. But for the example, "article_17_habitat_Directive_report" since all the species have their own codes in the Natura directives is supposed to change them to the ones from eu-nomen?

3 - In case, to have to use the eu-nomen ids, i have doubts related to the code to use. for example:
the specie "Calonectris diomedea" has the Natura 2000 id A010, the Eunis id 940, and this GUID  " |" in the eu-nomen page (
What should be the eu-nomen id? 137194? or all the GUID?

Best Regards,


Paulo Miranda


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    Hello Paulo,

    1 - I guess this is correct.

    2 - the DS says: "Each unit specifies a referenceSpeciesScheme which refers to a choice of three widely known reference lists and a referenceSpeciesID refers to an ID from that reference list for the given species
    of interest. EU-Nomen is the preferred reference list to be used. If a taxon is listed in EU-Nomen, this
    reference must be used as first choice.
    If it is not listed in EU-Nomen, the second choice is EUNIS, if
    not in EUNIS, Natura2000 can be used...", thus, yes, you have to use the EU-Nomen ID.

    3 - Figure 2 of the DS for SD shows an example, where you can see that you have to give the full URL, e.g.  NOT only the GUID itself.

    Yours, Dirk Hinterlang

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    By Stefania MORRONE

    Dear Paulo and Dirk,

    I agree with your assumptions, I just add a snippet for the encoding of the referenceSpeciesId in the gml file:

                        <sd:referenceSpeciesName>Calonectris diomedea</sd:referenceSpeciesName>



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    By Paulo MIRANDA

    Hi Dirk and Stefania,

    Thankyou for the help.



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