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SensorThings API and INSPIRE


Dear all,

those of you who managed to attend our Monday morning workshop have already had a preview of the OGC SensorThings API, for the rest, a short introduction:

The SensorThings API is a new OGC standard for provision of observational data. This provides:

  • An open and unified way to interconnect Internet of Things (IoT) devices over the Web
  • Interfaces to interact with and analyze their observations

The data model is closely aligned with the O&M data model (for a preliminary mapping to INSPIRE, please see the WS presentation, link below); service provision utilizes a RESTful approach based on the oData Model. Data is provided using JSON encoding.

At present, we are analyzing the SensorThings API for suitability within INSPIRE; if anybody is interested in joining us in this work, please get back to me!



Presentation from the 2017 O&M&SOS Workshop is available from



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    By Katharina SCHLEIDT

    Dear all,

    JRC has put out a call for work on the SensorThings API within INSPIRE - see post below.

    Title: SensorThingsAPI and INSPIRE

    With this call, we are looking for contributors for a short discussion paper on whether/how the new SensorThingsAPI standard could be used to implement INSPIRE download services.

    Тhe newly established SensorThingAPI OGC standard [1] addresses three of the recurring technical challenges raised by INSPIRE stakeholders today: (i) the use of RESTful architectures, together with (ii) alternative data encodings, such as JSON and binary exchange formats, and (iii) publish-subscribe-based messaging protocols. It has been developed to cover a multitude of Internet of Things (IoT) use cases. The standard is also designed to be ‘developer friendly’. That is why, considering the SensorThingsAPI within the context of INSPIRE would not only provide a possibility for the evolution of the infrastructure, but also contribute to the simplification agenda.

    Within this context, we would like to invite contributors who are interested in both INSPIRE and SensorThingsAPI to work with us on analysing what should be done with regards to (i) data encoding, and (ii) SensorThingsAPI as a possible INSPIRE download service. The result will be compiled in a short discussion paper. 

    The discussion paper will feed into the on-going discussions (e.g. during the INSPIRE - What if...? workshops [2]) around the technological evolution of INSPIRE beyond 2020, that would ensure that the infrastructure, while staying conformant with the legal requirements, remains fit for purpose despite the rapidly changing technological scenery.

    If interested, please write by the end of October to Alexander ( and Steve ( with a short description of your background and interest in the topic.

    [1] SensorThingsAPI OGC Standard.
    [2] and 

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    By Katharina SCHLEIDT

    We've done it, our paper on the alignment of the SensorThings API with the requirements ensuing from INSPIRE (both data and services) has been published:

    To my understanding, this publication suffices to allow for the utilization of this simple RESTful standard for provision of measurement data within INSPIRE. At present, we have some demonstrator services available illustrating the provision of time-series data, as a next step, we'd like to follow this up with examples for the more complex O&M result types.

    If you want to learn more, we'll be holding various talks on the SensorThings API at this year's INSPIRE Conference (unfortunately overlapping):

    Thursday, September 20, 2018 - 16:30 OGC SensorThings API – A New Approach for Meteorological Data

    Thursday, September 20, 2018 - 16:00 OGC SensorThings API - IoT Sensors for the Energy Domain

    In addition, we'll be providing a more indepth overview within our Workshop on SDIs for the Internet of Things. The integration of spatio-temporal data in INSPIRE on Thursday, September 20, 2018 - 09:00

    Alternatively, if you wish to know more before Antwerp, get in touch!