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Dear colleagues,

is any of you (thinking of ) extending INSPIRE code lists to include national/thematic classifications for the cultural heritage sites?

If so, you could provide an extension of both the Designation SchemeValue and the DesignationValue code lists.

To learn more on code lists extensions, you may want to have a look at the recently finalised draft of the Technical Guidelines & Best Practices for INSPIRE registers and registries (download the final draft at

A discussion on how to extend the Designation SchemeValue and the DesignationValue code lists can be found at

Please, take this opportunity to share your implementation / experiences.




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    By Simon EISMANN

    Hallo Stefania,

    I do apologise for silly question, but what do You exactly mean by "DesignationValue"?

    Designation SchemeValue, to the next, we consider generally sufficient. All registered objects of cultural heritage fall, by our opinion, below UnescoWorldHeritage or nationalMonumentRecord value either.

    On the contrary, NationalMunumentRecordDesignationValue should be further extended to comply with our national classification of monuments.. unfortunately, this list is stated as non-extendable :( But if there is no other way than create superior list...

    So, if Your question is, if we need extension of DesignationSchemeValue and then create new follow-up WhateverDesignationValue ... I would answer: not yet:-)



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    By Stefania MORRONE

    Hi Simon,

    the code list I am referring to is .

    Following that link to the INSPIRE codelist registry, you can still read that DesignationValue is "an abstract base type for code list containing the classification and designation types under different schemes. ". In recently published corrigenda to PS Data Specification (you can download relevant document here) the code list definition has been changed to" Classification and designation types under different schemes. The allowed values for this code list comprise the values of the following code lists or other code lists specified by data providers: - IUCN Designation (IUCNDesignationValue): A code list for the International Union for the Conservation of Nature classification scheme, as specified in Section 9.4.3 - National Monuments Record Designation (NationalMonumentsRecordDesignationValue): …

    That said, let’s go straight to the point:

    ‘YES’, the only way to include the values related to the Czech national classification of monuments, would be to create a new code list sad. More specifically, you'd have to add a new value - e.g. ‘czechNationalMonumentsRecord’- to the DesignationSchemeValue code list and then create the code list containing the values for the czechNationalMonumentsRecord designation scheme, e.g. “czechNationalMonumentsRecordDesignationValue” code list.