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Where are now Tehnical Guidelines?


Where are now Tehnical Guidelines?

Started by Iurie MAXIM Replies (3)

Hello everybody,

Who knows where and how can I found the latest version of Protected Sites data Specification?

This new INSPIRE site seems to hide the versions, including the last one. The only specification that is available via the INSPIRE website is the Corrigendum. 

If looking here I see only the corrigendum for PS ( 

I don't want to read/compare Tehnical guidelines, I just want to download the entire PDF as it was before. In any case my expectations regarding comparations of tehnical guidelines was a comparation between different versions, but unfortunately I see only compations between data themes. Is any use to have soch comparations between data themes tehnical guidelines?

If I am searching with Google I find the 3.0 version, but I know that this is not the last.

If I am lookng at the I see that the corigendum is not incorporated.

So, how am I able to download the 3.2 PS DS version by using the EC portal and where it is located ?






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    By Karen Fullerton

    Hello Iurie, 

    Thanks for pointing out this issue.  We have resolved the technical issue and you should now be able to find again the 3.2 version of the Protected Site data specification at


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    By Ilkka RINNE

    In case you really need to access the older versions, the archive version of the old website is still available from the "web archive" link in the website footer.

    Direct link:

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    By Iurie MAXIM

    Hello Karen: That's good, now the "Document URL" appeared. It appeared for other data themes were they disappeared as well.

    Hi Ilkka: Thanks for pointing the link for webarchive, but I wanted to point out that if a functionality to compare the Technical Guidelines exist, than this functionality should compare different versions of the guidelines of the same data theme. I see no reason to compare the latest versions of different data themes and I do not imagine why an user would do so. On the other hand it is important to see only the differences from the previous version with the new version because when new version appear, users that are familiar with the previous version want only to know what was changed.

    @all: If there is a corrigendum for Protected Sites and for other data themes as well, when should we expect a new version of Technical Guidelines and more important when should we expect a new version of XSD files that will incorporate the corrigendum (the fact that only for Protected Sites the inspireId is writen as inspireID is generating a certain problem that requires IF/ELSE statements in the storedQuerries)


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