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Topics for an O&M WS at the INSPIRE Conference 2017


Dear O&M&EF Members,

we're currently putting together a proposal for an O&M workshop at the INSPIRE Conference 2017. In order to best meet the needs of the WS participants, I'd like to ask you for feedback on what you'd like to be seeing and hearing on O&M this fall.

As the use of O&M based data models, together with SOS as a download service, has become more commonly understood over the last years, I'd like to shift the focus of the WS from basic O&M&SOS concepts to the actual utilization of this technology. If you have an example (even if it's not fully operational or a prototype), it would be nice to show this to a wider audience. Also, if you have encountered difficulties in the implementation of both server and client end of an O&M&SOS system, it would be of great help if you'd be willing to share (there's a good chance that others are struggling with the same issue, maybe there is even a solution available).

This said, the floor is open for suggestions for what you'd like to see in this year's O&M WS!



Environmental Monitoring and Observations Cluster

Environmental Monitoring and Observations Cluster

Environmental Monitoring Facilities, Observations and Measurements