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If you are experiencing redirection issues when you login and you are using INTERNET EXPLORER as a browser, do the following:

Click tools in your top bar -> click "Internet Options" -> click "Security" tab -> click on "Trusted Sites" -> click "Sites", type in the following site:


A useful activity stream which provides an at-a-glance look at activity from across the site, as well as your friends'/groups' activity and your own actions.

You can filter the activity stream to only include particular tools or types of action, making this a powerful addition to your social network.


Your profile provides the user with many ways to express their professional interests in addition to their contact information.

Using the widget framework, users can select from a bank of available widgets to create a full and rich profile, including RSS feeds from other sites.


You can keep track of what your friends are doing through the notification method of your choice. Choose whose activity you want to subscribe to, and have it delivered using the notification method of your choice, either Email or internal messaging. Individual Group notifications can also be turned on and turned off.


Users can create groups or communities around a particular topic and take advantage of

  • Group discussions
  • Group blogs
  • Group bookmarks
  • Group calendar
  • Group pages
  • Group files

You can create open groups that anyone can join, and closed groups, where membership is requested first and accepted or denied by the group owner.


The INSPIRE Thematic clusters  has a full file repository that will handle a wide variety of data including photos, word documents, audio files, videos, PDFs and more. You can easily flip between lists of files and image galleries, in order to comfortably find the item you're looking for.

Users can display their latest files on their profile and - using the media embed tool - embed any file into their content.


A user can advertise events on the INSPIRE Thematic Clusters platform either at site or at group level.


INSPIRE Thematic Clusters platform users can create address books with many different categories of friend. These categories can them be used to allow access to content.


The pages plugin allows you to save and store hierarchically-organized pages of text, and control who can read and write to them. This means that you can collaboratively create a set of documents with a loose collection of people, participate in a writing process with a formal group, or simply use the functionality to write a document that only you can see, and only choose to share it once it's done.


The INSPIRE Thematic Clusters platform dashboard acts as a user's personal portal to the site, displaying information - both from the site and external sources - that they select.

RSS Feeds

You can subscribe to RSS feeds on the INSPIRE Thematic Clusters platform  add the RSS widget to your group and then customising the widget to point to the rss feed you are interested in.


The INSPIRE Forum has created some site-wide categories. These categories are available for users to use when creating a new  post, uploading files or constructing pages. User defined tags can also be used. These categories and tags can be used for searching the INSPIRE Thematic Clusters


Users can restrict their content to be only read by people they mark as a friend, members of groups, logged in users or public access. The default setting for content is 'public'.